Superior performance guaranteed.

Efficient, four-cylinder, 4 litre SDF 1000 Series engines compliant with Euro II standards. Setting these engines apart are a mixed oil/water cooling system and a mechanical high-pressure injection system. This injection system uses an innovative solution with individual dedicated injection pumps for each cylinder, for superior performance and reliability. This technology is far more advanced than conventional rotary or in-line pumps. The Agrolux 90 versions feature turbocharged engines with maximum outputs of 87hp (2000/25 EC). With a compact engine layout and a potent cooling system with generous ventilation grilles, Agrolux tractors can be used without difficulty even in very hot climates. And for use in very dusty conditions, all the models in the range may be equipped with a cyclone pre-filter which increases the durability of the main air filter and, as a result, increases engine efficiency. And to ensure that the engine switches off immediately and safely, the ignition switch on the new Agrolux series operates a new solenoid valve.


Power assured, always.

The standard PTO is independently and mechanically engaged and uses a dedicated clutch. This solution offers a choice of standard 540 and 1 000rpm speeds for maximum productivity in all conditions and with any implement, irrespective of the power demand. Alternatively, a wheel-synchronised PTO with independent output shaft is available as an option.


Versatile and extremely reliable.

Offering superlative simplicity and reliability, the transmission equipping Agrolux 90 tractors is extremely versatile and features intelligently spaced gear ratios, to cater for a huge range of different applications.

The models of the Agrolux series may be equipped with different transmission configurations: 2WD versions have a synchromesh four speed gearbox with three ranges and a reverse shuttle (also synchronised) for a total of twelve forward and reverse speeds and an easily attained top speed of 30km/h; while four wheel drive versions use synchromesh five speed gearbox with three ranges (or optional four ranges) and a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle for a total of fifteen forward and reverse gears (or twenty, with four ranges) and a top speed of 40km/h. The three transmission levers are situated to the right of the driver for immediate, intuitive operation without impeding access to and from the platform. Agrolux 90 models are also equipped with a rear four sprocket planetary reduction gearbox for superior reliability even when transmitting the high levels of torque necessary, for example, when ploughing or performing other heavy duty pulling applications.


Smooth steering and dependable lifting power.

The hydraulic system equipping the Agrolux series has a primary gear pump with a maximum capacity of 56 litres/min, which feeds an open centre circuit (for total compatibility with all hydraulically powered implements), and a secondary pump dedicated exclusively to the hydrostatic steering system. The advantage of the separate steering system pump is that it ensures extremely smooth, easy steering action even at low engine speeds and when the lift and auxiliary distributors are operated. Completing the hydraulic system are two rear distributors (available as two, four or six-way components to suit different needs), which can also control a hydraulic braking system for a trailer, and a powerful rear lift with a maximum capacity of 4 200kg.

Emissions: Tier 3
Manufacturer: Deutz-Fahr TCD 2013 L06 4V DCR
Cylinders/Capacity: 6/7 146cc
Max. power at rated speed: 64.6kW/88hp
Max. Engine speed (rated): 2 240rpm
Max. Torque: 1 035Nm
Fuel tank capacity: 560 litres
Biodiesel fuel: B100%
Number of speeds with supercreep: 40 + 40n°
Powershift number of speeds: 4n°
Minimum/maximum speed with supercreep: 0.48/3.29km/h
Max. Speed: 50km/h
Multi-plate wet clutch
Electrohydraulically engaged clutch
Minimum/maximum speed with supercreep: 0.48/3.29km/h
P.T.O: 540/1000
Front wheel drive electro-hydraulically engaged
Steering angle/radius 4WD degrees: 52°/6 750mm
Wet rear disc brakes
Parking brake
Hydrostatic, with height and tilt adjustable steering
Category III
Electro-hydraulically controlled rear hitch
Rear hitch lift capacity: 10 500kg
Pump output (std/opt): 120/160 litres/min
Closed centre hydraulic system (Load Sensing)
Electronic distributor control
With front tyres (std): 600/70R30
With rear tyres (std): 710/70R38
Wheelbase: 3 095mm
Length (min-max): 5 209 - 5 399mm
Height (min-max): 3 265 - 3 270mm
Width (min-max): 2 500 - 2 749mm
Ground clearance (min-max): 445 - 625mm
Total unladen weight (min-max): 8 753 - 9 995kg
Weight with cab (min-max): 9 430 - 10 435kg

*This Deutz-Fahr product range is available in South Africa and some other Sub-Saharan countries. Some of the models displayed may not be available in the rest of the Sub-Saharan African region due to varying technical standards per country.