SDF 1000 Series 6-cylinder engines. Bosch independent single cylinder fuel injection system with electronic control. SDF transmission. 20+20 speeds synchronized gearbox. Max. speed 40km/h. Epicyclic final drive gears. 4WD with electrohydraulic engagement. Wet multidisc PTO clutch. 2 PTO speeds.

Hydraulic system with dedicated 58 litres/min pump. Up to 3 auxiliary valves available. Mechanical lower link sensing. Oil immersed brakes with self-adjusting system. Pendant type pedals. 4WD front axle with brakes. Hydrostatic steering. 50° steering angle. Cab or platform mounted on silentblock.

6 cylinder TURBO, EURO II engine with 6000 cm3 capacity.
Max. Power (2000/25/CE): 116 HP/85 kW.
Liquid/oil cooled engine
Engine/transmission oil cooler.
Dry air filter (10”) with dust ejector.
Fuel tank capacity L 180 lt. (140 lt. with exhaust on cab upright)
Gearbox lubrification forced, single disc clutch hydrostatically operated self-adjusting
Rear PTO clutch multiple discs with independent engagement
ELECTROHYDRAULIC CONTROLS: PTO clutch, front and rear differential lock, 4WD
Maximum lifting capacity: 6 200kg
Hydrostatic steering with independent pump and tilting and adjustable column
Steering angle: 50°
Levers controls to driver right hand side
FULLY HYDROSTATIC INDEPENDENT BRAKING on all 4 wheels with oil-immersed disc brakes w/o Separate brake valve
ELECTRONIC engine management
Air cleaner extension with cyclone pre-cleaner
Silencer under bonnet with vertical exhaust pipe
Battery: 12V-150h-660A
Hydraulic pump with open centre and improved capacity: 58 litres/min
Telescopic stabilizers
Mechanic right tie rod and stabilizers
Mechanical rear lift
Three-point linkage with fixed upper and lower links
Without front lift
PTO with removable shafts
Rear mudguards
Analog display
Platform mounted on silent block
Safety belt
2 post safety frame
PVC deluxe seat with seat belt
ELECTROHYDRAULIC multi-disc oil-immersed
Rear PTO: 540-1000rpm
Gearbox 40km/h
5-gear gearbox 15F+15R/20F+20R
Front steering mudguards
Tyres: 340/85R28 (13.6 R 28) front 420/85R38 (16.9 R 38) rear 1+1 ballast weight for rear wheels (38”) total 80kg
Cab with high visibility roof
Right mirror
Swinging drawbar SAE cat. “A” + PTO protector
Without front clevis
Front weight frame with hitch + 8 front weights (320kg)
3 auxiliary rear spool valves with quick couplers
Front headlights for left-hand traffic

*This Deutz-Fahr product range is available in South Africa and some other Sub-Saharan countries. Some of the models displayed may not be available in the rest of the Sub-Saharan African region due to varying technical standards per country.